We work on behalf of many clients who have passed your details to us to contact you regarding your outstanding balance(s). We may have also been provided your details by a well-known credit reference agency.
Our contact is generally made via letters, calls, emails and texts. Where we visit your home, this may simply be to re-connect you with our clients or to discuss available options.

Want to speak to us?

FRIDAY 8.00AM - 6.30PM
SATURDAY 9.00AM - 2.00PM

0141 212 8500

We want to help you

When contacting you, our agents will look to understand your current financial situation and provide you with information on how to resolve your account. Our agents will take the time to listen to you and will look to ensure the outcome is appropriate to you and our clients at all times.

Why should you contact us

Many of our customers find contact with us is helpful and informative. Our agents are trained to make your ‘journey’ a positive one when discussing your options to resolving the outstanding balance.

Don’t ignore us, it is your responsibility to contact us and remember we want to help. Please click contact us option and choose the most convenient way of contacting us or where it is more convenient for us to call you back, simply select and submit the call back option

Help us to help you

Regardless of your financial circumstances, we can help you find an appropriate outcome. However, in order for us to do this, take the first step and contact us.

Vulnerable Customers

We appreciate there can be circumstances where an individual is unable to manage their finances, outwith their control. This could be due to ill health, (either physical or mental), hospitalisation, bereavement etc. and we would ask you or your authorised person to contact us to discuss your situation and agree the most suitable outcome. All circumstances are handled in a sensitive and empathetic manner.

Let us know if we have the wrong person

Apologies where you have received contact from us and you are not the person we are looking for – can you kindly contact us on 0141 212 8500 so we can amend our records accordingly.