Secured Mortgage Arrears Visits

Resolvecall is a fully authorised FCA firm who obtained Mortgage Administration permissions in 2016. We conduct in-depth customer interviews with the primary focus to engage with customers – who may require a pre-arranged appointment – to conduct a full Income & Expenditure assessment and reconnect back to the Bank with an agreed outcome. This encompasses the broad customer visit spectrum, including; Full Visits, Pre-Eviction, Vulnerable Customers, Interest Only and Buy-to-Let mortgages.

Unsecured Reconnection Visits

Resolvecall delivers field based reconnection visits for numerous major UK Banks. Our focus is to connect with disenfranchised customers, via face-to-face interaction, to rehabilitate the relationship where traditional collections methods have been unsuccessful. This is hugely effective on both Pre and Post charge off portfolios and enables us to breathe life into non-contactable assets and create significant value for our clients and peace of mind for their customers.